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Yale Creek Brewery

Role: Design and Drafting
Description: Repurposing of an existing barn foundation to construct a brewery and community gathering space.
Construction Methods:  Light Straw Clay, Round Pole Framing, Stick Framing

Triller Lane Residence

Role: Design and Drafting
Description: Design of a small residence for an individual with chemical hyper-sensitivity
Construction Method: Faswall

Full Bloom Barn Remodel

Role: Design and Drafting
Description: Second floor addition and remodel of an existing barn.
Construction Methods:  Stick Framing

Still Moon's Cob Home

Role: Drafting and Labor
Description: Two-Story Cob Cottage
Construction Methods:  Cob, Round Pole Framing, Earthen Floor

By George Creamery

Role: Design and Drafting
Description: Organic Crermery and Small Load-Bearing Strawbale Farmworker Housing
Construction Method:  Stick Framing


Role: Student
Description: Auxiliary Dwelling unit
Construction Methods:  Faswall Foundation, Timber Frame, Light Straw Clay Infill, Earthen Floor


Role: Student
Description: Various Projects
Construction Methods:  Timber Framing, Light Straw Clay

Speak for the Trees Nature Preserve

Role: Student
Description: Outdoor Classroom
Construction Method: Round Pole Framing
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